Topics: Beads, Redrilling Holes

If a bead or stone has a drilled hole in the wrong place for your idea, is there a way you can fill the hole and redrill a new one? How difficult will it be to drill a new hole?
- Kathleen
One of the quickest ways to fill a hole in a bead or stone is using Apoxie® Sculpt. Mix equal portions of the two parts together following manufacturer's instructions. You can add color to Apoxie Sculpt so the color blends with the original bead or stone color. Oil paints work the best, as it takes a very small amount of paint to color the clay. Use a toothpick to add small dabs of paint to the clay and mix until the desired color is achieved. You could also use acrylic paints, although you will most likely have to add a significant amount before reaching a rich, deep color. Powder pigments work well too, but they are a bit messy.

Once the Apoxie Sculpt completely cures (24 hours), you can drill a new hole using a rotary tool. A rotary tool drills holes in beads, shells, plastics and wood. Place the tip of a needle file where you want the new hole then twirl the file so a small indentation/hole is made. This indent will give the drill bit something to catch on when you first start drilling, making it easier to drill the rest of your hole. When drilling glass, stone or other natural materials, it is best to wear eye protection, tie back long hair and roll up long sleeves. Hold the item in a shallow batch of water so the emerging hole can be flushed of debris and the drill bit is cleaned from time to time reducing friction and enabling the bit to be more effective.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert


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