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I am looking for something to finish the ends of handwoven or silk scarves--I have seen the finished product in ready-for-sale scarves. The beading is like a tassel and gives a finished, beaded tassel to each scarf end. What would this be called? Where can I find it?
- Karen
Scarf jewelry/scarf necklace components available at Fire Mountain Gems come in a package containing two 4-piece sets. The sets include a cone-shaped end piece that you slip over the wire bound ends of your scarf. The wire goes around the scarf end, through the cone, beads are added then the wire is finished with a wrapped or simple loop. The set also includes open rounds to embellish the cone and a drilled round to use as a pendant creating a scarf necklace. For a how-to with instructions, see the resources listed below.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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