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How should I use Gilders Paste on polymer clay?
- Margaret
Gilders Paste® on polymer clay is so much fun, very addictive and provides a great way to highlight raised patterns and give a metallic finish to an otherwise non-metallic medium. To accomplish a lasting application, it is necessary to prepare the clay by lightly sanding the surface with a fine grit paper or sanding block. Then apply Gilders Paste using a gloved finger to raised surfaces or alternately, use a brush to help the Gilders Paste reach deep into crevices. The polymer must be buff sanded, clean and dry for both of these techniques to work properly. Once the paste is applied, it must dry for at least three hours. If you like the look as it is you can then seal it with a wax or water-based sealant such as Mod Podge®.

If you only want the applied color to be visible in crevices then you would gently rub the excess paste off the raised surfaces with a dry paper towel. Then seal to lock in the color. Special Note: It is NOT recommended to use mineral spirits or any other solvent-based medium in conjunction with Gilders Paste when you intend to apply it to polymer clay. Solvent-based materials will dissolve polymer clay. Hope this helps,

- Jamie Smedley, Jewelry-Making Expert

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