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Why is Pink the chosen color to represent breast cancer awareness?
- Robin
In Western cultures pink is the color that most represents the feminine gender. Since breast cancer is primarily considered a female disease, pink became the color of choice.

The current evolution of colored ribbons representing charities/causes started in 1979. The wife of a hostage in Iran tied yellow ribbons to the trees in her front yard. News media picked up on the story and found the ribbons represented her desire to have her husband come home. Others around the country followed in kind to show solidarity for the cause.

In 1990, the yellow ribbons emerged again during the Gulf War. This influenced the creation of the red looped ribbon for AIDS awareness first worn at the Tony Awards that year.

Awareness Ribbons Pink was first used to represent breast cancer by the Susan G Komen Foundation in 1991. Bright pink visors were given to all the participants in the New York City race sponsored by the organization. Then in 1993, Alexandrea Penney, editor of Self magazine, and Evelyn Lauder, Sr. Corporate Vice President of the Estee Lauder Companies, partnered to create the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They created the pink awareness ribbon to represent the cause, and it has since become the international icon for breast cancer awareness.

- Tom Triplett, Jewelry-Making Expert

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