Name: Celeste Chirco

Favorite Charity: Know Resolve


My son put this organization together with the help of leaders of several major support groups for suicide prevention and awareness here in Michigan. We lost his father to suicide when my sons were 12 and 14 years old. Dennis, my eldest son, went through some self-destructive experiences with drugs and alcohol. One day he decided to put his feelings into a song and reach out to others who have lost a loved one to suicide, or better yet, prevent someone from taking their life. So he wrote "No Resolve." We performed it originally as a family for the support group and found that it touched many people. There is now an annual benefit amongst other activities throughout the year to raise donations. He now goes to schools and tells his story because there is so much depression and suicide happening to young people. They love his music and we believe he has reached many of them by the letters he receives after a presentation. Please visit the website and read some of the responses.

I would like to make memory bracelets and possibly other items with a picture charm so families can wear and carry their loved ones' pictures with them. There are several walks throughout the year and families have shirts and whatever else they can wear to keep their memory alive and feel close to them. Whether I make jewelry according to birthstones, or just a variety of colors, they would have a choice, or I can take requests. The men would also be interested if it was made out of hemalyke or wood. I'm just a beginner so the projects would be rather simple and quick and I would want to give the proceeds to Know Resolve. I could work on sending photos, but they are available on the website. Thank you for this opportunity to explain our organization.
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