Name: Heather Smith-Way

Favorite Charity: Three Gaits


Being active in the local equestrian community, I became aware of Three Gaits mostly through word-of-mouth. Over the years I've enjoyed showing my horse there, and I've encountered their volunteers at riding and driving clinics and other local events. Being passionate about horses myself, I can see why the young people Three Gaits serves are so thrilled to be a part of their program. At Three Gaits, children are introduced to the horses in a safe environment that allows them to learn and grow. And for many physically handicapped children, horseback riding is a sport that allows them to keep up with their able-bodied peers. One of the fundraising events held by Three Gaits is the Chair Affair and Art Auction. Not only is it a lot of fun to attend, I have a fabulous time making jewelry and other projects to donate for this event.

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