Name: Marilyn DiPalma

Favorite Charity: Humane Society of Sedona


Almost every city has an animal shelter. We adopted our five cats at the local shelter and we're so grateful EVERY DAY that we just had to find a way to help support them. It's a labor of love. Our cats keep me company, since I'm homebound, and they're wonderful companions.

My husband and I love bead weaving. We have a little company called Blissful Beadwork Art Design and we make and sell jewelry through some local gift shops here in Sedona. This year we've made 50 bracelets so far (each one takes seven hours to make) that we sell in various places around town.

Our 5th annual sale of Paw Prints on My Heart bracelets takes place from May 1, 2011 through the end of July 2011. 100% of the proceeds from these special edition bracelets are donated to the local shelter during the month of July. Over the last four years we were able to donate over $5,200 just from the sale of these square-stitch hand-woven bracelets. I'm currently working on a design for some peyote-stitch folk art cats to do as pins, which will also be sold to raise money for the shelter. We really love our cats, and we love we found a way to give back and say THANKS!
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