Name: Nancy Scott

Favorite Charity: Karmanos Cancer Institute
Go Red for Women


I underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2006 at Karmanos and was very impressed with the way I was treated by the staff. They called me by name and arranged for me to receive a monetary donation from a fund set up by the husband of a former breast cancer patient. At a time when I was unsure of what the outcome would be, they were patient and understanding.

I support two charities at this time: Karmanos Cancer Institute and Go Red for Women. I also support the missions at my church. Karmanos Cancer Institute is mostly local and gets overwhelmed by the Susan G. Komen Cancer Institute. As I mentioned above, this is where I received my treatment and was very grateful for their caring. The Go Red for Women organization just caught my eye when the soap opera "All My Children" teamed with Campbell's to bring heart disease in women to the show. There are heart problems in my family and I will probably have heart disease as I age. Go Red for Women was chosen because there aren't very many charities for women and I will undoubtedly need their assistance in the future.

I make beaded stretch bracelets for both charities with half the selling price donated to Karmanos. The Karmanos bracelets are various shades and shapes of pink beads with a breast cancer ribbon charm on it. The Go Red for Women is the same--red beads with other neutral color beads on stretch elastic with a red dress charm. Again, half the selling price is donated to Go Red for Women. I also make stretch Colors of Faith bracelets with blue, purple, white, yellow, green, red and black beads along with neutral beads and either a flat charm that says Believe, or Create, or Hope or a dangle charm that says Made with Love or Love, or Joy. An explanation of what the colors stand for is included with each bracelet. Half the selling price is donated either to the purchaser's selected charity or to my church Missions program.

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