Name: Patricia Robinson

Favorite Charity: Reaching Out Touching Lives


Discovering my favorite charity was one of those "God Things." My daughter Denise, who was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 10 years ago at age 23, was browsing in Target. While in the candle section, she exchanged a few words about the scents and smells with a fellow shopper. The lady went on her way, only to return in a few minutes to hesitantly ask Denise if she would consider modeling at a charity fashion show and luncheon. She explained that she had founded "Reaching Out Touching Lives" to help people with cancer and other serious illnesses. My daughter thoughtfully made her decision and then revealed her history. Both women got chill bumps when they saw how their paths had crossed.

While research is so very, very important, it is not always tangible. There are so many people who are suffering from serious illnesses and don't have the support system they need. Anyone who has had to endure chemotherapy knows that by the time you feel like going back to work, it's time for another treatment. But the rent still needs to be paid and the utility bills come in and you and your family still have to eat. The funds raised by ROTL are for those practical necessities. This is something I understand.

This year ROTL is having a "Rummage Sale." My friend and I are making pink bracelets and donating them. They are simple, but hopefully they will reach out and touch someone's heart and wallet. If you get a chance, check out the website (listed above).
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