Name: Pattie Barlag

Favorite Charity: Babies So Special


My best girlfriend found out during pregnancy that her daughter had a major heart problem. She has now had 6 open heart surgeries. She met another mom at Loma Linda Hospital and after talking, decided to do things for others for support, help, and bonding. We started by raising money, including 25% of all my jewelry sold. I also have a special heart bracelet for a $5 donation. We have bought baby swings for the NICU and PICU. We have paid for people's rent, gas, food, echo and other tests people can't afford. We also go to the Ronald McDonald House across the street and serve up to 50 families fresh dinners and flowers for Mother's Day and other random times. We give the same things to the nurses. Sadly, we have also paid for several funerals. We continue to work hard for others. My friend was recently asked by the hospital to start a support group for moms and families with very sick children. With God's help, our awesome companies that never say no to donations, and some very caring people, we hope to continue to grow and do God's work for others!

I watched my friend go through more than a family can imagine. Along the way, Baby Lauren did fantastic and my friend learned so much. She realized how much time people spend at the hospital with sick children with the clock ticking ever so slowly as they wait to see their baby once an hour for 10 minutes at a time. She saw needs that she spiritually could not pass and wanted to do much more to help and say thanks to the doctors and nurses.

I make and sell more jewelry than ever because it really helps many people. I want to do all I can to help people in need. I do most of the fundraising and as companies open their hearts, so do I. People are really touched to know that the jewelry they buy is supporting a precious children's charity.
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