Name: Penny Harris

Favorite Charity: Kennedy Joiner


I attended a car show with my jewelry booth when I met a lady named Karen who asked me if i would design a jewelry piece for Kennedy Joiner to raise money. I asked Karen to have Kennedy tell us her favorite colors and something she really would like. Kennedy didn't hesitate and came back to us with pink and green as the colors, and butterflies and ladybugs. I got to work planning and came up with a design using the light rose Swarovski butterflies that I saw on Fire Mountain Gems' website. I have all of the materials now and I am donating all of my time to help Kennedy raise the money she needs to have her surgery. Kennedy is a true inspiration to those who read about her on her website and meet her! This is a brave young lady and she takes everything in stride.

I am making the jewelry and donating all of my time in order for Kennedy to raise money for her surgery. I have a bracelet and earrings that I have designed just for Kennedy to sell. The picture of the bracelet below is just the rough idea, unassembled... I don't have a picture of the finished product yet.
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