Name: Ronda Krauss

Favorite Charity: Animal Refuge Foundation


My husband and I discovered ARF (Animal Refuge Foundation) when my husband was looking for a place to spend some time helping out with caring for dogs.

Martha Hoovers Refuge takes in any dogs that have no home, and they are either adopted out or are cared for at ARF house for the rest of their life. It is a no-kill refuge. She knows each of the more than 350 dogs by name and they are given a wonderful life even if she is unable to find a "forever family" to adopt them.

I make and sell a line of jewelry on my website that helps to raise money for the Animal Refuge Foundation. It is a way for my husband and I to give back to our community. ARF House is located in the town we live in and is the nation's 3rd largest no-kill animal refuge. We love what Martha does to make a home for the many dogs that have no family to love them.
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