Name: Stephanie Peterseim

Favorite Charity: GrantE.D.H.I.S.

I've wanted to establish a scholarship program or a non-profit for the sole purpose of giving grants to deaf and hearing-impaired students. I've been a sign language interpreter for many years, and I've wanted to be able to give back to my students and others by giving them hope for a future they wouldn't normally have. I want to spread awareness of deafness and how deaf people can, and do, make a difference.

I can relate so much to these students and I know that they are greatly overlooked. I don't really know of many/any organizations established for the sole purpose of helping to pay for college and technical school education of deaf and hearing-impaired students. My students let me know that I made a difference in their lives, and that means a great deal to me...I too was deaf. For three years of my childhood, I was without hearing in my left ear. I can relate to everything these students have, are, and most likely will go through.

My company, OCEAN-CREATIONS.COM, is a custom-design jewelry and accessories company that specializes in bridal and evening fashions. We were first established as a designer of biker jewelry, and helped churches raise money for mission trips. I used pewter pieces with the manual alphabet on them to spell out various names and phrases on the jewelry as the fundraiser jewelry for the mission trip projects. Now, 100% of the sales of manual alphabet jewelry will go towards GrantE.D.H.I.S. and 20% of the sales of other pieces will go towards GrantE.D.H.I.S.

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