Name: Susy McAlvin

Favorite Charity: Teen Challenge Women's Home - Providence Rhode Island


I was at church when the Teen Challenge choir came to sing and share their stories of how they used to be on drugs or alcohol, cut themselves or were victims of abuse and found themselves at a lonely and desperate place in their life. They shared how this program introduced them to a relationship with God, taught them work ethics, and accountability. These girls had to look their past in the face and come to grips with the terrible events of their past. They were able to work through their issues and come to love the woman God had created in them.

After hearing the stories of how these women overcame such hardship, I became a volunteer at Teen Challenge. That was in 2007. I recently became a live-in staff. I have seen the damage of a woman who one may say is irrevocable, but with God, she has become a completely new person.

I brought the idea to the Director that I could teach the girls how to make earrings. We could sell them to help fundraise for our non-profit program. This would also help build their self esteem by making something with their own hands and also feel beautiful while wearing something they personally created.
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