Inner City Development

Name: Vanessa A Williams

Favorite Charity: Inner City Development


Inner City Development is the baby of our ex-City Councilwoman of District Five, Patti Radle. I volunteered in the district and then found out she had the center, started as a contributor and now I sometimes volunteer when she wants me to teach jewelry-making classes.

It reminds me of my first charity which was the center my mother started in California in the '60s, that my cousins still run today: Southwest Community Center in Santa Ana California.

The first relationship between the charity and my jewelry was when Patti asked me to make a jewelry item for an annual event the center has to raise money. The second was in December '08, when I taught a week-long make and take jewelry party for the underprivileged ladies and a couple of men from the area. The third will be in just two weeks when I teach the inner city youth (8-12 year olds) jewelry-making skills one day a week for 6 weeks.
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