Name: Gayle

Favorite Charity: Bridgerland Literacy

More than 15 years ago I saw a sign in the local library suggesting that readers share their love of reading by tutoring those who can't read. I've been a tutor (specializing in tutoring dyslexics) ever since.

The glow in the eyes of a student who discovers that they truly can read is my reward and the reason I support literacy in every way that I can.

Every year I contribute an item of jewelry to Bridgerland Literacy's annual fund-raising silent auction at a Scrabble Tournament. The catch is that the jewelry item is always designed around a literary theme. It is usual that the description in a book I've read inspires the design concept. One year it was the animations in the movie, "Like Stars on Earth" that caused a design to leap into my mind. The design debuts at the silent auction--then it is added to my jewelry offerings. Bridgerland Literacy receives a portion of the profits of the sale of these pieces.
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