St. Stephens Shelter

Name: Ruth

Favorite Charity: St. Stephens Shelter

My youngest son was volunteering at the shelter for many years. I kept asking him if there was something that I could do at the shelter. He didn't do anything about my inquiry for years. Finally he asked someone and about 5 years ago I started going to the shelter once a week to sew clothes for the men. I repair backpacks, jeans, shoes, shirts, jackets, belts, watch bands, hats, and many more things. I cart all of the sewing and gluing things in my van and the men meet me at the door and carry all of my things down the stairs at about 5:00, and return them to my van at 10:00 I'm telling this because I think there are some of your readers around the world who may be inspired by this volunteer work that I do and find a homeless shelter to help the residents get back on their feet.

I do it because it is greatly needed and the men let me sew their clothes. So does the church. I used to volunteer as a beading teacher at an after school program for elementary age kids in St. Paul. I did it for 10 years and would still be doing it but the private school ran out of funds, and there went my bead teaching venue. I really loved the progress of those kids; especially the 2nd graders doing peyote stitch.

The beading tools and beads, etc that were donated for my teaching use by Fire Mountain are going to be put to use again.

I have recently come across a young college age man at the shelter who I have taught peyote stitch and now he wants me to teach a class at another church where he goes for classes. The planning has begun for me to start my volunteer teaching of the new beading classes.
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