Fashion Love Ashlyn Educational Fund, Inc.

Name: Laura Seiden

Favorite Charity: Fashion Love Ashlyn Educational Fund, Inc.

I founded this organization when my 12-year old daughter died in an accident. I wanted her name to be carried on by helping other children her age.

Even though I lost my only child, I love children and LOVE making a positive difference in their lives. In the spring we issue four scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to students which provide gift cards to purchase clothing and educational supplies. But my favorite thing is the fashion end of Fashion Love Ashlyn. Ash was always concerned about her friends having the latest and greatest fashions. Unfortunately, the sneakers you wear in middle school have quite an impact--and it would really upset Ashlyn when kids were made fun of for what they did not have. So we provide gift certificates to kids who cannot afford to shop in the mall to buy clothes that are hot and up-to-date. Many of the kids live in shelters and even motels, and I just wanted to find a way to let them know somebody cares about them, and they deserve to be able to shop where the other kids do. It makes my heart happy when I see the smiles and hear the stories of how happy this makes the children. And I know Ashlyn is resting in peace knowing what is going on in her name.

My sister-in-law makes beautiful jewelry using products from Fire Mountain. She seems to have fun doing it and the beads have such a nice quality to them. I am going to learn how to make necklaces and bracelets now, and will sell them to raise money for FLAEF. Ashlyn's favorite color was pink, and there are so many gorgeous pink products to choose from, so that is where I will start. I think girls her age--she would be 15 now--will be a great target audience for such a product. I also think it will be therapeutic for me to have a craft!
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