Scandia Guest Lodge

Name: Daniel Toquothty

Favorite Charity: Scandia Guest Lodge

I live at Scandia Guest Lodge. Let me start off by saying that this is not a charity in the way that most people would think. I am diagnosed with major depression, social anxiety, and social avoidance. Scandia is a board and care for people with mental disabilities--most here are schizo affective, or have schizophrenia, some suffer from dementia. Many are not in contact with family at all and simply live day to day without much to do. This facility gives people like us a place to live, and acceptance when often the world would say things either to our face or in whispers just because they don't understand some of the behavior. I am what is considered high functioning and so I do go out at times and find things to do, but we are also all limited by income (disability only goes so far after rent). So I started to bead again after several years of not doing it.

Bracelet Bracelet

I started beading here and teach some of the others here how to do some of the things that they are able to. Most of the pieces the women wear, and smile or talk about them and it makes me feel good to give them that bit of happiness. Some of the others that I make I will sell and buy beads or supplies to help the ones who don't have money to make something they want. I guess I just wanted to share that even those with disabilities get a great deal of pleasure from beading and if you ever have the time I am sure there are board and care facilities with people in them that would love to have the same experience either from being shown how to make something or just a simple gift since so many people are left in these places and forgotten. The pictures are of my work, some of which I got the ideas from magazines and others just on my own.
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