Name: Ruby Murillo

Favorite Charity: International Rett Syndrome Foundation


My child has Rett syndrome. I have a passion to tell the whole world about the International Rett Syndrome Foundation and how it's helping families. We hope that someday we WILL find a cure for Rett syndrome. It's so important that people help this foundation so we can find the cure faster. As parents, we are waiting for that day to arrive to be able get a hug from our child or just to know that our kids can speak to us and say "Mommy or Daddy, I love you" on their own. It would mean the world to us just to hear them speak those words. We wonder what would our girls be like if they had a normal life. We often wonder what dreams they would have. That's why we want to raise money to find the cure so these girls can express their feelings in a way we understand. They are angels from God and the girls have been so patient with us; now it's time we give them the life they deserve.

I came up with the idea to make bracelets to sell during the Rett convention. I didn't have a lot of money to get started, but I am selling these bracelets and giving the funds to IRSF, and if it becomes a hit, I will continue to make more to help our girls.
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