Name: Cari LaGrow

Favorite Charity: Nevus Outreach


My son was born with a Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN) in Atlanta in 2005. He had brown spots on his head and legs and a solid brown spot that covered his entire back and parts of his neck and shoulders. At the time, the hospital staff could not tell me what it was. After about 24 hours in isolation in the PICU, they gave my husband and me a copy of clinical research trial report where the subjects had this condition and none of them lived past the age of two. This report is infamous to the parents of Nevus kids born in the past 10 years and we're trying to raise awareness with doctors and staff to help educate parents instead of giving them the worst case scenario. The neurologists at the hospital told us NOT to go online to look for information, it would only scare us. Well, we were already terrified of the unknown, and my husband found Nevus Outreach when Jarrett was 2 days old. We learned that there are others out there with this condition, and a Nevus is defined as a birthmark or mole. Nevus Outreach is dedicated to improving awareness and providing support for people affected by congenital pigmented nevi, and finding a CURE. They were there for us when we felt unsure and alone--and they are there for all people affected by Giant Nevi.

I have made UV-bracelets, key chains and backpack clips as fundraisers, which turn from clear to a variety of colors in the sun and alert people to apply sunscreen. I have also made and had others make necklace/earring sets for the live auction at the Nevus Outreach conference which is held every two years. The most recent conference was in July of 2010, and photos of the jewelry created by Delton Designs are attached. The auction and the conference were both a huge success and the money raised goes to further research to find a cure and enable Nevus Outreach to continue offering support to those affected by this condition.
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