Name: Britney Allen

Favorite Charity: Prayer Child Foundation


My mom's Gold Canyon Candle Company started this organization in 2000 to give money to families who have children with disabilities and illnesses that they cannot afford. My mom was the Prayer Child Award winner at convention 2010, and was able to provide another $2,500 to families in need.

This charity gives 99% of their profits back to the children. The people who work for the foundation are volunteers, so there is minimal expense for the charity. I love that we are able to give to the children who are less fortunate and in real need of funding.

I create jewelry pieces and then donate 20% of my profits to the Prayer Child Foundation. I have done a few vendor opportunities with my mom to get my work out there and I have created a blog to showcase my work ( and have a progress goal chart on my page to let people know how I am going with my fundraising efforts! I love knowing that the money I donate will go to help a child in need!
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