Upper Blue Mountains One in Five

Name: Lynne Elliott

Favorite Charity: Upper Blue Mountains One in Five

I was invited to the first meeting by my case worker who knew I was interested in working with artistic people. I am now the secretary of the group, which is for the one in five people who suffer a mental illness and their supporters. I have depression. Some of our members have schizophrenia and others bi polar disorder but are under medication and are expressing themselves in their art.

This is my favourite charity because it encourages all sorts of endeavours. We have painters, photographers, web designers, poets, and my specialty, beading.

We meet bi-weekly and all have a good time discussing projects and showing what we have done. We have been together since last June and are now good friends. Our president is very inspiring and runs our meetings very well. He lost his right arm in a car accident but still takes beautiful photos.

Today we had a "steampunk" jewellery workshop. This is for a local show in the mountains of NSW (New South Wales) called "ironfest." We will have displays of all the work we have done including jewellry in a tent donated by the "ironfest" committee to promote our group and hopefully raise funds for future projects.

Last year, we had an exhibition of work in a local gallery which sold very well. I only make simple jewellry eg earrings, pendants and bracelets but these sold well too.
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