Tri County Public Schools

Name: Mary Jo Wells

Favorite Charity: Tri County Public Schools

My son started kindergarten in 2010. Two weeks into the school year he brought home a paper asking everyone to donate $20 for supplies the school was going to need for the school year. Two weeks later they were having a fundraiser. His school needed to raise $10,000.

I started making jewelry about a year ago. My 5 year old son loves to sit at the kitchen table at night and make jewelry with me. He picks out the beads he wants and strings them. I put the clasp on. He sells his jewelry on a special table at craft shows and donates all his money to his teacher. He is learning a valuable lesson on giving. He is learning that it only takes a little time and effort to help others. And he is learning that even if we don't have a lot of money to buy things for ourselves we can use our talents to help others. Not only will the money we donate help educate my son, but it will affect the lives of many children in the future. For the next 12 years we will be able to help his teachers purchase items they need for their classroom.

My son and I attend craft shows and flea markets during the year and a portion of that money goes to my son's school. I also hold special sales where 50-100% of all sales goes to the school.
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