P.A.W.S. Non-Profit Animal Shelter

Name: Tina Irwin

Favorite Charity: P.A.W.S. Non-Profit Animal Shelter

I started volunteering at the P.A.W.S. shelter in 2009. What wonderful people they are to take care of the homeless dogs and cats that are brought to them. Some are tied to the building when they get there or in a box with a note, some are ill or have been hurt and P.A.W.S. gets them the care they need to get them better and to find their forever home!

This is my favorite charity because of the love and compassion they have for their animals. Also they have given a lot of support for the oil spill, like supplying dog and cat food to the victims.

I am looking into making dog and cat bracelets to sell to raise money for this shelter so they can continue to do great things for these animals and their community. With them being a non-profit organization they are struggling to pay for their animals' medical and vet bills.
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