Hope's Gate

Name: Heather Crain

Favorite Charity: Hope's Gate

Website: www.hopesgate.org

I was asked to be the jewelry instructor for an outreach to young women who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry. I saw the jewelry that the young ladies had made and the last teacher was unable to make the next trip. The ladies work most of the day to make jewelry that is sold here in the states, and then the profits go back to India as micro loans to get them on their feet. The older girls teach the newly rescued girls how to do the basics, but they still need help.

The focus is about teaching them to learn a skill, not just rescue them for the day. If they can't make a profit at something, they will be forced back into the horrid life they were saved from. There is also a multiplication element factored in. The ladies learn, then teach, then lead the home/shelter. It's a system that works for them and they have a sense of pride in learning something that produces something beautiful.

I've been wanting my jewelry skills to be more ministry related, and not so much about arts and crafts. I was asked to go to India at the same time I was looking for an opportunity to use my skill and love of teaching in a way that would be more impactful than just in arts and crafts. I came up with several patterns and the shops that buy the jewelry all enjoyed the pieces I made.
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