Markman Children's Programs, Inc.

Name: Deborah Foley

Favorite Charity: Markman Children's Programs, Inc.

My children attended this childcare center.

This childcare center has been serving Attleboro, Massachusetts and the surrounding communities for 40 years. It provides education, social guidance and community outreach to parents and children. The staff is continually growing and learning new ways to nurture and educate the children, many of whom require a certain degree of personal attention.

We are currently in a capital campaign to expand our programs by building a second building at our current location for the school age children. We recently had a 40th Anniversary celebration and the school age children want to contribute in some way. One of the directors had recently taken a class in jewelry making and taught the children how to make memory wire bracelets and chain bracelets which were sold at our day and evening events. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the bracelets will be donated to the capital campaign and a portion will be used to help the children subsidize their activities during the summer. We are all very proud of their entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to support the campaign.

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