The Community Christmas Tree

Name: Cody Andrews

Favorite Charity: The Community Christmas Tree

My sisters and I run the Community Christmas Tree. We gather donations from local businesses, cash and toys. We also take good used toys. We get names of families with kids and distribute them in our community. We started it because there was a real need in our community. Ours is a small, poor community, and a lot of kids just don't have much.

Well, never really thought about it before, but after browsing through here, I thought, "why not?" I've made leather beaded bags and donated them to Kootenai Pets for Life for several years. A local no kill shelter. So why can't I make a really nice one and raffle it off for the community tree? Sounds like a good idea to me. So, now all I have to do is try to pull it together. With all proceeds going to the tree fund, thanks for the idea.
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