Christina aka Chrissy Done Gone Hippy

Name: Christina

Favorite Charity: Chrissy Done Gone Hippy

I have always wanted to do something for the needy, so this is what I came up with. I make handmade jewelry for a living now so that I can give back to others who don’t have much. I make jewelry for kids, they always say, "Wow mommy, I wish I could have that." So what I do is let them pick out their own jewelry and I let the kid have it for free. Kids get free pick. I also do a cheaper price on my handmade stuff for those who don’t make much money. I plan on this year to start giving money to a homeless food bank to help the needy be able to eat.

This is my favorite charity because I love to be able to help those in need. My wish is to see more needy kids have more in their lives than just the streets and school.

This is connected to my jewelry job in so many ways. I plan to be able to make a little more money this year to be able to give more to the kids. I'm going to give 40% back of what I make and give it to the hungry kids.
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