Gold Star Mothers

Name: Mrs. Anneliese Fidler

Favorite Charity: Gold Star Mothers and All Local Veterans Association

How did you discover this charity?
A friend told me. Local Gold Star Mothers and Veterans Assoc. can be found in the internet. Also, all military bases should be able to help.

What makes this your favorite charity?
We honor our fallen soldiers every year. I want to honor their wives and mothers, who carry their loss throughout their lifetime.

How is this charity connected to your jewelry-making or creative projects?
To honor widows and mothers by making the pouch necklaces, they can carry a picture or dog tag at any time, not only on Memorial Day.

Making the pouch necklaces for the Sandy Hook School mothers was my idea to give them a measure of comfort.

I thank you so very much for your interest and help! God Bless you!

My projects also help at Christmas World Hunger through the ELCA.

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