Sew Much to Share (Davis County)

Name: Christine

Favorite Charity: Sew Much to Share (Davis County)


I'm actually the founder of this organization. I saw a need and decided to start a group. We make and donate items for Utah Share, ( an infant and pregnancy loss support group. They are always in need of small clothing for babies too small to shop for, and also memorial items to comfort grieving families.

In 2009 I delivered a stillborn daughter when I was about five months pregnant. Utah Share came to our aid with support and clothing for our 6" long, 2.3 oz baby girl. Share helped us all through the darkest days of our grief and continue to help and support us. These items and gestures have become so precious to me and my family.

Unfortunately, there is always a need for donations for Utah Share. The majority of the items must be handmade since no store carries clothing and accessories for babies smaller than a typical preemie. Coordinating this group has been a very healing project for me and the other angel parents I've had the honor of meeting. It is my hope that we can help grieving families in this small way.

We've been making bracelet sets for mothers affected by infant loss. The large bracelet, with crystals to indicate her angel’s gender, goes to the mother. The smaller bracelet with a matching charm goes to the baby. For little boys we attach a matching charm to a bow. Most parents choose to have their babies buried with their bracelets/charms, though some choose to keep them in memory boxes. In this way, moms can feel a physical connection to their babies when they are unable to hold them in their arms.
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