VFW Women's Auxiliary

Name: Sheila Ridder

Favorite Charity: VFW Women's Auxiliary

I was making ribbons for cancer awareness for a friend of mine who is battling with Colon Cancer. My initial plan was to try to raise awareness and sell them on the side for profits to go toward a gift of assistance for my friend and his family. My mother was part of the VFW and had worn one to one of their gatherings. The people went crazy over them and insisted they know where she got it. The information was passed along and they asked if I would be willing to make them for their charity fundraising for veterans. As a veteran myself, I was more than happy to do so.

I am one of many in my family that are veterans and am blessed that none of us have had anything more than some nightmares come out of it ... (don't misunderstand the nightmares are awful and are very destructive) we are all in one piece to this point. The reason though is simple. We have sent so many of our young men and women off to war to fight for all of our freedom. When those same young people come back they are not always whole, and they need help. In this little way I can help the ladies raise funds that will help the veterans in ways that vary from money for everyday things, to cancer treatment assistance. It also allows me to work on getting help for my friend in a similar fashion.

I make ribbons of different colors representing different types of cancers. The ribbons are beaded from seed beads and attached to pins. I also make earrings with hope ribbons attached to a colored bead, representing the different cancers. They have additionally asked for other items that I make for everyday wear to the more dressy occasions. This has allowed me to get my name out to the community to show off more of my pieces of work.
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