The Life Center of Hernando County

Name: Carol Lawhorne

Favorite Charity: The Life Center of Hernando County

I have a friend from home school and church, we are both adoptive parents, and have seen a need for working with young mothers to help them raise their children, get their education, learn to budget, acquire meaningful paths to learning to prepare for jobs and take care of family.

This is something close to my heart in many ways. I worked in school systems at one time, had foster family, and worked with guardian ad litem. So this housing, nurturing place plus the preschool we are working on is just an added part of the family staying together movement.

We are looking for creative paths for our young mothers to earn and learn so they can buy, purchase and also have a hobby as they prepare for full-fledged family and jobs. Something to encourage and help them with ideas, spending money, and support themselves for the little things (and ones) in life until such a time as they can go on to their next step. Artwork is such a good teaching experience, and can be profitable. Thank you.
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