Here Is A Gift For You

Name: Christine Hemingway

Favorite Charity: Here Is A Gift For You

My story is a little different than what you might expect. I only recently began buying from Fire Mountain (May 2013). I do not sell the jewelry that I make, instead what I do is I give everything away. Let me explain. I have Parkinson's and am unable to walk very well on my own. I soon discovered that people who are diagnosed with Parkinson's will usually develop some form of artful talent soon after being diagnosed. For me it was a very unique form of photography as well as jewelry making, but that is a whole other story. Because I found myself in front of the TV a lot because of my inability to walk, I soon began making earrings. I take the earrings, place them in a small organza bag and attach a small tag on each pair that says..."because every gal should have a pair of earrings that make her feel beautiful, created just for you as a random act of kindness by..." and I randomly hand them out to women everywhere that I go.

Since May I have handed out well over 500 pairs of earrings. I simply hand them to women and say "HERE IS A GIFT FOR YOU." What I have found is something really quite astounding. There are women everywhere of all ages who society has forgotten about, who feel that they have no value and when they receive a pair of beautiful earrings many simply begin to cry and begin to tell me whatever is currently going on in their lives at the moment. Many women will tell me that the earrings are simply the most beautiful gift that anyone has ever given to them. (I use a lot of crystal.) I always let them talk instead of interrupting them and could write a book about the interesting women that I have met.

This has also led me to being able to offer my earrings, as well as other pieces of jewelry that I create, to different charities such as animal rescue groups (my favorite charities). Along with my framed photography, I have discovered a way to photograph flora in the dark and without a flash but instead I simply use a spotlight and the light comes only through the flower... as with life God's glory shines through in even the darkest of situations as a thing of beauty. This is a very brief synopsis of what I do, not only with my jewelry but with my photography as well. I will end this brief summary with one of my favorite scriptures ... "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over." Luke 6:38 Just as the gemstones are made by the fire from the inside of the mountain so it is with the pressures of life. From them will come the beauty of women everywhere who society might have forgotten about but God has not. You just can't outgive God believe me when I say that I've tried. I am very blessed and hope to keep being able to continue to be a blessing to other women everywhere. Thanks for listening, woman to woman, from the Heart of God. Christine
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