The Little Angels Foundation

Name: Shelly McCormack

Favorite Charity: The Little Angels Foundation


The Little Angels Foundation Logo Bobby had a booth set up outside of a crawfish boil raising money for a cancer association. He was selling his t-shirts and raffle tickets to try and support his organization as well as give some proceeds to the cancer association. As soon as you meet him, you are instantly drawn to his character. We talked for a long time and ever since then I have felt a connection with this family and his foundation.

Because no one else does it. What this organization does is provide caskets to families who cannot afford them and have lost a child suddenly. He has helped so many in the community during hard times. I have been to his factory, and what I thought was a jewelry box was a project he was finishing for a family who had lost their baby. I ask him how he finds the strength to do this and he says, "I wish I could say it gets easier, but every second I spend making a casket my heart aches for the family of the child whom is now gone." I couldn't imagine doing what he does.

In an effort to help support his organization, I am making and selling necklaces and bracelets with his angel wing logo and assorted colored beads on them. All proceeds will go to the organization to help with supplies to make the caskets.
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