Salvation Army

Name: Edward Blacksmith

Favorite Charity: Salvation Army

They have helped me twice. I lived on a self-sufficient farm in real England. Most of our adults had been in the death camps in Poland. One went completely mad and the Salvation Army was the one who told us what to do with him and helped us through the legal forms and meetings and our guilt after he was taken away. Sadly, by that time he had no idea what was going on. He was not violent but we just could not cope with him being so changeable. The fears were that he would wander off and fall into a ditch or go back in his mind and start stealing. Beyond that, we dared not tempt g-d by imagining.

The second time the Salvation Army helped me, I had become homeless, we lost the farm, and they helped to find me somewhere to live.

They never asked my religion and never asked for even whatever I could afford.

When we were on the farm, everyone knew that we were the only Jews in the area. It made no difference to the Salvation Army.

They offer help to all and do not expect payment when one gets on one's feet.

I belong to a very local community group and this year we are raising money for the Salvation Army. We are mainly a knitting group but I also make cards and jewelry which we sell.
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