Hannah's House Domestic Violence Shelter

Hannah Name: Christine W. Price

Favorite Charity: Hannah's House Domestic Violence Shelter

Website: www.aofm-hannahshouse.org

Actually, my mother while in her 60's started Hannah's House DV shelter. She was abused by my father and always had a heart for women who had this issue. We had no help when we were being abused. She tried several times to leave him, but kept coming back due to having five children that she could not support on her own. She put up with this abuse until the last child graduated high school. She later married a minister that helped prisoners and their families. It was not a long jump to help domestic violence victims, since some of the families had been through the same thing. A lady gave her $150,000 to put down on the property and so Hannah's House was born!

I love it because they take broken and wounded women and children into their homes to give them a peaceful existence so that they can heal and become independent. The women are helped with physical healing, emotional healing, anger management, parenting, domestic violence victim's counseling, substance abuse counseling as well as educational and vocational skills training. They also offer budgeting and nutrition. I like the personal approach to helping the ladies with whatever their needs are. We have had those who did not have citizenship to get a green card, others to apply for disability after being so physically hurt that they cannot work. We also help them find furniture and household items to get into an apartment or house when they leave us. We try to help the women and children alike to be independent and able to provide for themselves and their children. Hannah

Bald Eagle in Flight We are just starting a jewelry collection for raising funds for domestic violence programs, including Hannah's House. We want to use purple beads and the word HOPE on the bracelets and necklaces that we make. The women who live in Hannah's House have time to spare and they would like to learn to make jewelry, especially if it helps the Hannah's House Shelter. They are so grateful for being where they are and making the changes in their lives. We hope to inspire many others to help those who are in such dire straits that they cannot help themselves. We will have some jewelry that will have a single purple ribbon, as purple ribbons are the awareness symbol of domestic violence.
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