South Suburban Family Shelter (SSFS)

Name: Glenna Elvery

Favorite Charity: South Suburban Family Shelter (SSFS)


They were there for me when I had a domestic violence issue.

So many women (and men) live in fear of their significant other and their children live in a "don't tell" kind of world. Society still has a LONG way to go in the education and awareness of domestic violence. The court system still asks victims what "they" did to cause a beating, their "other" to "snap", etc. SSFS educates not only victims, but they go to schools to help educate children, they teach churches, fire department and police personnel, and anywhere else they can so the silence ends.

We create ribbons specifically for events. I plan on creating more jewelry pieces to sell, raising money for SSFS in particular, but to help spread awareness. While there are SO many good causes out there (pink for breast cancer, puzzle pieces for autism, etc.) domestic violence affects hundreds of thousands of families all over the world. These families live in fear and in silence. We need to give them voice.
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