Individuals God Places In My Path

Name: Chrissy Originals

Favorite Charity: Individuals God Places In My Path

My daughter forwarded information about a childhood friend with brain cancer. They were having an auction to raise money for her medical treatments. I packed a box of jewelry and sent it to them. The auction raised more than $10,000. It felt really good to have something I love doing help this brave, loving family.

Years ago, I prayed about how to handle charity requests. My pastor said that God calls us to share from our overflow, not our substance. We're cash poor, but we have time and talents, yet I still felt guilty when the cancer and heart and yada yada people came to the door or stuff from this or that missionary came in the mail.

God helped me see that His call to me was to wait and serve those He sends my way. My job is to simply be open and ready to do what I can when the call arises. We've done a lot of stuff over the years, most recently driving a troubled young woman across country to get the help she needed. (Someone else provided the gas money.)

I'm not saying this is right for all. My mom picked a single charity she knew well and kept tabs on how they used the money, then said no to everyone else. But this is what I believe the Holy Spirit said to me when I asked.
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