Starrlight Sanctuary--we are a subset of Joeys Feline Friends

Name: Starrlight Torres

Favorite Charity: Starrlight Sanctuary--we are a subset of Joeys Feline Friends


A few years after my husband and I were married we were in a park one night. A female cat came running up to me when I got out of the car. She was talking to me and meowing and dancing in circles and then ran over to a nearby trash can. I went over to the trash can and discovered a box inside it and in the box was a litter of kittens. My husband and I took the mother and her babies to the humane society where we were told they euthanize any kitten under 5 pounds. We were not happy with that answer. We took the mother and her babies home with us, along with a fostering application.

Starrlight Sanctuary--we are a subset of Joeys Feline Friends That was the beginning of the Starrlight Sanctuary. My husband and I ended up being foster parents for multiple local charities. We would foster sick, disabled and newborn/orphaned kittens exclusively since these were the kittens no one else wanted to give a chance. I do full-time orphaned kitten fostering, feral cat care, and care for many elderly and disabled cats and kittens as well as fostering, rehab and providing lifetime care for birds and other animals in need.We also became active in TNR and have over 250 cats locally mico-chipped to our names. We decided that since we were caring for so many cats and kittens to make ourselves an official cat shelter and nonprofit foster home.

Our charity is a subset of Joeys Feline Friends. Joeys adopted my cat shelter after the government refused both of our nonprofit applications. Joeys is a most beloved shelter because she not only helps her 300+ cats and kittens but she also reaches out to help smaller shelters like mine.

I founded Starrlight Jewelry and Designs as a way to help my family finance the orphan, stray, feral and sick felines and other animals that we care for. All the cats here have a story. Many of them were physically or mentally abused by previous owners. Some were poisoned as kittens by people, some are blind, deaf or have epilepsy. Some of them just could not pass the "adoption ready test" at the local shelters. Regardless of their background, condition, age or shyness, they have all found a loving and forever home here with me and my family at my Sanctuary.

What turned into aid also turned into passion. In the following years I have found great satisfaction in using my skills to not only help the animals we care for but many others worldwide.
Every year I create and donate 1,000's--literally--of pieces of my stock to no kill animal sanctuaries, raffles, and fundraisers. I also assign a number of my listings, or my entire store for months at a time, every year, to donate to shelters, rehabilitation centers, animal rights, and more.

Bird We are currently running a monthly donation split to help animal shelters in need. If you are or know of an animal shelter in dire need of funding support please see:

Caring for animals and helping those who care for animals is the purpose of Starrlight Jewelry and Designs.

If I could get beads for free I'd work strictly doing donations.
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