Name: Wednesday Davis

Favorite Charity: Operation TopCat


We are a military family and moved here to Camp Lejeune a year ago as my husband's work brought us here. I believe that volunteering is an essential part of giving back to the community and I found a group called Operation TopCat online that was asking for assistance with fostering kitties. Although it had been awhile since I fostered, I thought it would be a great way to help them out plus also get my children involved to teach them how to help others.

This is my favorite charity as it is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who put a lot of time, effort and their own money into helping the kitties. They do not have a shelter but rely on a network of volunteers to foster the cats and kittens, which are then showcased on the OTC website and also shown twice a month at the local PetSmart. Most of the volunteers live over an hour away, but drive up here and back to show the kitties at the local pet store so they may find homes.

OTC recently obtained space at the Baker Street Curiosity Shop in Wilmington, NC where they can sell items. To help with this new endeavor I bought bottles and beaded them as well as donated a box full of earrings, necklaces, and sun catchers that I made for them to sell and keep the money. I also accept craft materials from anyone who would like to donate for the cause and can turn them into something that they can sell at the store.

I also donate 10% of my sales from my Etsy store and from any craft shows that I do to OTC.

I also made Christmas presents for the other volunteers last year in appreciation of everything that they do for the kitties.
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