Fairy Godmother's

Name: Beth Craft

Favorite Charity: Fairy Godmother's

The Spouse's Club in Ft Rucker, Alabama, was having its first annual Fairy Godmother's Event 4 years ago. When I heard about it, I signed myself and my beading students up to make custom jewelry.

It's not really a charity, but a charity event. Teens from high schools from the communities surrounding Ft Rucker, Alabama, get to come and choose a prom dress, shoes and purse. All year long I teach an after school program for teens on how to bead on post at the Army base (Ft Rucker). The day of the Fairy Godmother's Event, the girls come and choose their gowns, and my girls and I design and make custom jewelry to match! It is both the most stressful and the most rewarding day of my year. I float on air for weeks afterwards, remembering those girls’ faces when they see their gowns and jewelry... girls who otherwise would never have gotten a prom at all!

My students and I make a custom set of jewelry for each girl...just for them and their gown. The beads and tools are ordered from Fire Mountain, and some other resources, and paid for by myself and the EASE Program at Ft Rucker. I have had a set of triplets (students of mine), leave to play in a soccer game, rush back in, sweaty and smelly, just to make sure they are there to see that every girl gets her set of jewelry. The first year we had 18 girls, this spring we had 60!!! 60 girls who would not have had prom without this joint effort.
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