The Sierra Rayn Foundation

Lila May Name: Ellen Smith, Information Technology Group, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Favorite Charity: The Sierra Rayn Foundation


Ellen Smith in Information Technology is supporting two causes, one is personal and the other is a national organization. Here's why:

Lila May is the granddaughter of Ellen (IT), Kage (formerly of Fulfillment), and cousin Mike J (fulfillment, but on temporary leave in the Army National Guard). In September of 2012, just after her 2nd birthday, Lila was diagnosed with a devastating childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. There was no warning, no behavioral changes, and no visual evidence of cancer. One day she was fine; one day she wasn't. The "terrible twos" had a much different meaning for Lila May.

Through the network of Facebook ( and the family website for Lila May ( the family posts about her fight. They organized virtual runs, set up a trust fund for the medical expenses and raised awareness about Neuroblastoma to all who subscribed to her page. The response to her plight has been overwhelming and humbling. From all over the globe, words of encouragement, financial support, cards, prayers and gifts have flowed in. No matter how bad Lila May is feeling, she perks up at the presence of cards addressed to her. Lila May's Fire Mountain Gems family could be heard in the company's hallways sharing words of encouragement, concern, love and prayers with her Grandma Ellen, Grandpa Kage and cousin Mike. Chris and Stuart have kept a close watch on the progress of Lila May's fight and continue their encouragement to the family.

The national charity that Ellen and her family support is called The Sierra Rayn foundation. It was created to help raise money to find a cure for Neuroblastoma. They are at Their motto is "Ending Neuroblastoma--One Small Step at a Time."
Lila May and One Our Decorative Bears
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