Locks of Love

Name: Andre Biencourt, Fulfillment, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Favorite Charity: Locks of Love

What makes LOL special to you:

When I was young, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer so my mom and sister donated their hair in support of her. My hair was too short at the time, so I grew it out and had fun with my afro, then cut it all off and donated it. This is my second time donating my hair. Here are some before and after pictures.

I got my hair cut locally at Tammy’s Yellow Rose Hair Salon.

Growing my hair felt like wearing a beanie cap 24/7 but once it was cut off, I felt really light headed, had all of my peripheral vision back and discovered I indeed have ears!

It makes me feel good to help others, and everyone around me seems to genuinely enjoy my hair ... when I have it!

Great news, my aunt managed to beat the breast cancer, she is a survivor!

I would like to challenge someone grow their hair out with me and take the Locks of Love Challenge.

Save money on haircuts and share your hair with a child who needs it!

Andre Before Donation Andre After Donation
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