California State Parks Foundation

Name: Irene Miller

Favorite Charity: California State Parks Foundation


We volunteer for the CA State Parks, and the California State Parks Foundation. Our project is rebuilding the boardwalk around Lake Cleone at MacKerricher State Park in Ft. Bragg.

Boardwalk in Disrepair About three years ago my husband Stephen and I found the boardwalk closed due to deterioration and vandalism. This is one of our favorite walks to take when we are on vacation. We were told by parks maintenance (Jason) that he wanted to save it, but the parks had no money to repair it. We donated some materials to hopefully get the ball rolling. There was one local volunteer, Bob (who is in his 80s) who did the work. Later on, Bob was joined by Park Host Brian to help with repairs. Next year we donated some more materials and I started a Facebook page to start spreading the word. With help from the District Supervisor (Loren) we got the attention of the California State Parks Foundation.

Irene Working on Boardwalk They have organized 7 work weekends over the last 2 years and have more scheduled. They give us supplies, recruit volunteers, and provide free lunches and camping for those who do volunteer. At the first event a local (Sarah) attended and she has become my partner in this venture. She has obtained one $6,000 Grant for the project so far and has another in the works right now. In between events Bob, Brian, Sarah, and her family do work on the project. The boardwalk is now open again, but still needs lots of work. We are trying to make it into an interpretive trail with signs and pamphlets. There are so many birds, plants, and animals around this trail. We want to make it educational.

To volunteer time go to the California State Parks Foundation website and click on volunteer to see the calendar of events. For more information about the project visit our Lake Cleone Facebook page. It would have been so easy to just say, "Oh, that's a shame. The boardwalk is gone." Then turned and walked away. We decided to try and save it instead, and we made a difference!

Finished Boardwalk
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