North Shore Hospice

Pauline Sharp Name: Pauline Sharp

Favorite Charity: North Shore Hospice

It is widely known throughout New Zealand for its free palliative care to terminally ill patients. As my both parents died in this facility I wanted to give something back.

The care that is offered to terminally ill people is at no cost. When medical treatments in NZ are administered it usually costs a lot. The patients who go here are at the last week to 10 days of their lives and the next alternative is for paid keep in a convalescent home.

I think this is a wonderful organization, which is kept ticking by between 600 and 900 volunteers, and they are always smiling. They do not feel depressed being with the patients, they feel that it is a privilege to help celebrate the precious time left in their lives and their needs of comfort respect and dignity.

Jewelery is donated amongst clothes/furniture etc., etc. On a Wednesday morning I collect all the donations, about 1/2 shopping bag full, and take them home. On Friday evening I clean, fix, price them and put batteries in donated watches. I frequently make necklaces and lots of earrings for them to sell. I would probably make up about 2 lbs of beads per month. The next Wednesday I take all these back, and display them in the counter, and attend the cash register too. Then I go and fill up the shopping bag with what has come in during the last week.
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