Delica® Color Durability Chart

How long does the color on or in a Delica bead last? Some will fade in sunlight. Some will fade if they contact liquid, i.e. perspiration or water. See below for a list of Delica beads and the durability of their colors.

A - Color might fade or change.
B - Color might rub off.
C - Color might change or fade with dry-cleaning.

DB21 A,B
DB31 B
DB32 B
DB34 B
DB35 A,B,C
DB36 A,B
DB37 A
DB38 B
DB41 through DB48 A
DB51 through DB88 C
DB181 through DB191 A
DB221 A
DB233 through DB296 C
DB331 B
DB334 B
DB336 A,B
DB410 through DB432 A,B,C
DB451 through DB465 B,C
DB501, DB502 B
DB601 through DB613 A,C
DB651 through DB663 C
DB681 through DB697 A,C
DB771 through DB792 C
DB1301 through DB1319 C
DB1335 through DB1347 A,C
DB1363, DB1371, DB1376, DB1379 C

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