Jewelry Chain Styles

Untangle any confusion over chains. We show you 34 styles of chain, how each looks, a description and an alternate name for the chain.

Style Looks Like What It Is Also Called
Shop Anchor Chain
Anchor Chain Thick oval links that are bisected, each directly connected to the next. Gucci, Marine, Mariner
Shop Ball Chain
Ball Chain Balls, usually hollow, that are connected with small bars. Pelline, Bead
Bar and Link
Shop Bar and Link Chain
Bar and Link Chain Small oval or round links connecting bar links. The bar links may be solid or hollow. Tube
Shop Beaded Chain
Beaded Chain Beads on links created with wire are connected directly or with small rings.
Shop Beading Chain
Beading Chain An extremely thin chain specifically designed for stringing beads. Generally found in a cable or snake chain style. Add-a-Bead
Boston Link
Shop Boston Link Chain
Boston Link Square wire is used to create the rectangular links that are tightly fitted together in a fashion similar to cable chain.
Shop Box Chain
Box Chain Cube-like links linked directly together. Square Link, Venetian, Book
Shop Byzantine Chain
Byzantine Chain Links made of interlocked jump rings. This type of chain is most often associated with chainmaille jewelry-making techniques. Birdcage, King’s Braid, Idiot's Delight
Shop Cable Chain
Cable Chain Uniform links connected end to end perpendicularly. The links of cable chain can be almost any shape, but the most common are oval and round. Link
Crinkle Crinkle Chain Cable chain that has had links crimped to create angles. Krinkle, Peanut
Shop Crisscross Chain
Crisscross Chain Flat rectangular links joined at the center, widthwise. The chain is very reflective due to the ever-changing link profile. Margherita
Shop Cup Chain
Cup Chain Individual stone settings connected by a bar. Cupchain, Rhinestone
Shop Curb Chain
Curb Chain A cable chain that has been twisted until the links lay flat and have a more interlocked appearance. Gourmette
Double Curb
Shop Double Curb Chain
Double Curb Chain Curb chain with double links. Charm, Charm Bracelet, Parallel Chain
Fancy Link
Shop Fancy Link Chain
Fancy Link Chain Specially shaped links connected by smaller jump rings. Some possible shapes include flowers, animals, stars and more.
Shop Figaro Chain
Figaro Chain A cable or curb chain with longer links connected by three to five shorter links.
Figure Eight
Shop Figure Eight Chain
Figure Eight Chain Round or oval links connected by an infinity-shaped link. Infinity
Shop Foxtail Chain
Foxtail Chain Two rows of oval links at a 45-degree angle and connected by small flat rings at the center.
French Rope
Shop French Rope Chain
French Rope Chain Two rows of interconnected twisted links. The links are connected so intricately that no solder is needed to maintain the weave or the spiral.
Shop Herringbone Chain
Herringbone Chain Rows of V-shaped links that lay flat. Each new row is placed in the opposite direction of the previous, creating the herringbone pattern.
Infinity Link
Shop Infinity Link Chain
Infinity Link Chain Flat infinity links connected with unsoldered jump rings. Excellent for creating chainmaille-style jewelry.
Shop Interlocking Chain
Interlocking Chain Large and small round links joined with small round links. Smaller link almost appears to be floating inside the large link.
Shop Lantern Chain
Lantern Chain Each link is made of a flat piece with eight prongs. The prongs of each link are hooked into the flat bottom of the next link.
Long and Short
Shop Long and Short Chain
Long and Short Chain Cable or curb chain that has long, usually oval, links connected by a smaller round link. Oval/Round
Shop Marquise Chain
Marquise Chain Marquis shaped links that interlock at 90-degree angles.
Shop Mesh Chain
Mesh Chain Wire woven or knitted to the desired length. Knitted, Viking Knit
Shop Omega Chain
Omega Chain Wide plates crimped onto an underlying mesh or plates. Usually wide and flat with low flexibility.
Shop Paperclip Chain
Paperclip Chain Oblong links of uniform size, usually proportionately thin for their size, resembling a paperclip in shape. Open links are easy to embellish with charms, drops, focals and more.
Shop Ponytail Chain
Ponytail Chain Links are created in such a way that you have space to add embellishments and the smooth flow of snake chain all at once.
Shop Popcorn Chain
Popcorn Chain Hollow links, created by stamping, that are fitted together to create a large amount of texture. Bombata, Textured Snake
Ring and Connector
Shop Ring and Connector Chain
Ring and Connector Sturdy rings connected by bands of flat wire in a shape similar to a staple.
Shop Rolo Chain
Rolo Chain Uniform links made from flat or half-round wire. Each link is directly connected to the next at a perpendicular angle. The ratio of the wire width and the link diameter gives a more sturdy appearance than cable chains. Belcher
Round Link
Shop Round Link Chain
Round Link Chain Large links connected perpendicularly with smaller links. This term applies to those styles with round links, but can be changed to square link, diamond link, etc. Big and Small
Shop Rope Chain
Rope Chain Twisted links connected to two other links in a row.
Shop Serpentine Chain
Serpentine Chain S-shaped links joined end to end.
Shop Singapore Chain
Singapore Chain Jump rings are connected to create larger diamond-shaped sections. Each section is twisted and flattened then connected to the previous section.
Shop Snake Chain
Snake Chain Round and curved bands are tightly joined together. Brazillian, Caprice
Wheat Wheat Chain Infinity-shaped links interconnected into a braided look. Espiga, Spiga

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