Pink Flake Moonstone Meaning and Properties

Pink Flake Moonstone History

Pink flake moonstone is a type of moonstone, which is a member of the feldspar group. Also known as pink flake feldspar, pink flake moonstone has a soft pink hue and a metallic red to grey effect thanks to shimmering hematite inclusions. Moonstone in general has been revered for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. According to Hindu legend, moonstone was formed by moonbeams while the Romans believed it was created from drops of moonlight. In India, moonstone was viewed as a sacred stone.

Pink Flake Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

All moonstone is believed to have a calming influence on the wearer. The soft pinkish hue of pink flake moonstone is no different. Moonstone has long been valued as a stone for lovers since it was believed the gemstone could encourage passion, so it's no surprise this romantically colored gem continues that belief. Pink flake moonstone is said to open our hearts and aligns feminine energies. General moonstone is the birthstone for June and associated with the Zodiac sign of Pisces.

Pink Flake Moonstone Geological Properties

All varieties of moonstone are loved for the distinct sheen called adularescence, an optical phenomenon similar to labradorescence found in labradorite gemstones. But, unlike labradorite--which only has bright flashes of light at various angles--adularescence has a gentle, more consistent "glow" from within. Moonstone, including pink flake moonstone, displays schiller.

Mineral Information Belongs to orthoclase mineral species in feldspar group
Chemical Composition KAISi3O8
Color Translucent, light pink to peach with hematite inclusions
Hardness 6 to 6-1/2 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.58
Refractive Index 1.518 - 1.526

Proper Care of Pink Flake Moonstone

Varieties of moonstone aren't known for their toughness, with an average Mohs hardness of 6 to 6-1/2. For this reason, it's recommended to remove moonstone jewelry before participating in activities that cause perspiration or could result in scratches to the surface such as sports and gardening. Also, avoid exposing moonstone to harsh cleansers or bleaches. To clean pink flake moonstone, it's best to use mild soap and water. Gently rinse, polish and dry pink flake moonstone before wearing or storing. Store pink flake moonstone jewelry in a soft cloth or on its own velveteen tray.

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Designing with Pink Flake Moonstone

Pink flake moonstone is a beautiful stone for incorporating in feminine jewelry designs, but the overall color isn't so pink (especially the redder specimens) that it can't be used in masculine designs--especially alongside darker gemstones such as jet or black onyx. Draw out the red spackles by combining pink flake moonstone with red gemstones or complementary green gemstones. Pink flake moonstone is a hardy enough stone it is safe to use in bracelet and ring designs as well as necklaces, earrings, brooches and more.

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