Single-Strand Necklace with Circle of Hope Handmade Glass Beads

This necklace was auctioned at the Bead and Button Show, in 2002, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to raise funds for breast Cancer Research.

The 37 one-of-a-kind beads in the necklace were created and donated by 24 talented and caring artists worldwide.

Thank you to the talented and generous artists who donated one-of-a-kind art beads to the 2002 Circle of Hope project, in support of breast cancer research.

Cynthia Taylor

Debby Rea Taylor
Bead Creations

Dianne Roether
Dianne's Beadscapes

Ginny Sycuro

John Winter

Joyce Rooks

Julie Wuest

Kathy Johnson
Glass Expressions

Kelly Schroeder

Kim Bretzman

Leslie Kurtz
Crazy Twisties

Linda Gillman

Lisa Ann Claver

Maria Hutzler
Pompey Glass

Marjorie Langston

Melanie Atkins

Michele McManus
Epiphany Art

Michelene A. Berkey
Tigress Design Studio

Nancy Badciong

Paul Camyre

Shane Smith

Sherri Schaefer

Tony Gonzalez / Ed Moss
Gomo Glass Studio

Vicki Warburton

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